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Arnhem, zero waste city-trip English Review ZWTC

Yesterday we went for our zero waste city-trip to Arnhem. At first I made myself a map with Google-maps so we can find the shops that we want to visit. I made a list according to the Arnhem chapter of Zero Waster’s Travel Companion.

We visited Mimint, Appel en Ei, Reshare, De Groene Vos, Simon Levelt and made a quick stop on the farmers market to buy some cheese.

Unfortunately Kaufhaus which was also on my list has disappeared. I don’t know if they have moved or completely closed.

The rest of the shops on the list we could find, so we had enough shopping to do! I made a little movie to show you all the pictures of our trip!

At first we made a stop at Appel en Ei. This is a second hand shop where they sell clothes, shoes and some accessories. I bought myself a beautiful woolen cardigan here. The shop is very clear, everything is sorted by piece and color. So just look between the skirts if you search for a skirt!

At Reshare I found also a woolen cardigan. This shop is also nice and clear. Everything is perfectly sorted, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

After that we went to Mimint. This is a very cute bio-market. I bought some bulk pasta here in the small bulk section that they have. Also they have beautiful vegetables and fruits, and a lot of packaged bio foods. When you are on a holiday this is the place to do your grocery shopping!

Next to Mimint was a farmers market, and we had to buy some cheese for our sandwiches this week, so we did. We brought our own cheese box and the lady on  the counter just put the cheese in it as if she never does anything else!

At Simon Levelt’s we got a compliment for bringing our own coffee jar.  We bought a jar full of freshly grinded coffee. As I write this blog I’ve already tasted it and it’s delicious!

Then we took a walk to search for De Groene Vos. It’s a very cute little shop where they sell things as drink bottles and things to save energy and water. This shop is just outside the city center.

Between the shops on the shopping list we also visited other shops, but I only bought some wooden kitchen utensils and some second hand woolen sweaters! I think I can survive a very cold winter now, and donate my too big synthetic clothes to the second hand shop right away.

Also we got some not so zero waste, but free biologic frites! They where packet in a paper bag with a wooden fork. All our trash for today. But the kids got very happy and the frites tasted delicious, so I’ll accept this for today.

What do I think of Zero Waster’s Travel Companion?

Zero waster's travel companion frontcoverI was very happy that I could use the Zero Waster’s Travel Companion to help me find the shops that we have visited. I’m sure I hadn’t found them all if we where just walking the center by ourselves. Mimint and De Groene Vos are not on the busiest shopping streets. That’s where the ZWTC comes in, it helps to find beautiful stores in the whole city! There are more shops in ZWTC but we haven’t visit them all. We where walking and it was just one day so we couldn’t do that. But I’m sure all the addresses are worth visiting.  So if you’re going to Arnhem, or another city in the book, buy the book and happy shopping!


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